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We have the best team of professionals and experts in goldsmithing, under the guidance and direction of our CEO and Founder Rocío Mantilla .

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Rocío Mantilla

CEO, Founder

President of the Jewelery and Goldsmith Committee of ADEX and International Speaker on Export and Foreign Trade issues.

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Silvana Holguín

CMO & Sales

Marketing and Digital Strategies Specialist with extensive experience in Payment Methods, Ecommerce and Market Place.

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Sabino Quispe

Galvanic Expert

He dominates all areas of goldsmithing and is in charge of directing the production of handmade pieces.

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Goldsmith Team


Responsible for the production and control of parts with the highest quality standards.


We will show you part of our process and some tips and ideas on how to make by hand

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Silverware in the Viceroyalty of Peru

All the wealth found and extracted from the territory of the Inca Empire, which was in decline, and the Viceroyalty of Peru, gave space for an intense social life although sometimes uprising, which is why from Lima, where power was centralized, they were given orders to intervene strongly to quench the metallic thirst, reduce the dazzled eyes and reduce the pompous waste of peninsular foreigners...

Source: Yolanda D. 30

Hand-made jewelry

Exclusive jewelry may employ more industrial or more artisan techniques, but in each product model, few units are manufactured. In personalized jewelry it is usual to create a unique piece, but this can be created in a more automated and industrial way, or in a more traditional way. Therefore, a handmade jewel may or may not be exclusive, and can be created using different ancestral techniques...

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Tools to start in goldsmithing

This article is about getting started in goldsmithing and gaining the necessary skill, key to making jewelry. The general procedures for working with different precious metals are more or less the same, so most of the tools listed above are fairly universal. There are variations in the characteristics of metals, but the tools are largely the same.We've included a list of the basics you need to get started ...


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